Monday, May 01, 2006

Is Everyone Stuck On Stupid Over Illegal Immigration?

Wow! Even though I believe we need dialog on the people already here, I don't think it should be the primary focus of the issue. We are at war with insane lunatics that will stop at nothing to harm all within the US borders both legal and illegal. This is some seriously deadly game we are playing here. Your whole American or OTA family may die if we don't close the avenues and byways of the Illegal Crossing networks. The major concern and most immediate urgency is to prevent crossings by potential terrorists. If preventing attack means we have to harden our borders then that is top of the list. All illegals in-country that want to stay in-country need to be packing a green card, spend only 9 months out of any calendar year in the U.S. and registered every year with the INS. Sponsorship should be required to complete the picture. Sponsoring companies and contractors who use this type of labor must be compelled to treat these "guestworkers"as regular employees making competitive wage plus the logical benefits needed to be incountry and need social services. All others not registering within the 90 day grace period and not in-country for a minimum of 1 year need to surrender for disposition and be deported. The best interest of the United States citizen is served by dealing with people who have and will cross our borders illegally to do us great harm. The most important issue is lost in a sea of media "immigration reform" PC hyperbole. The new Illegal Crossing sign expresses my opinion on the subject.