Friday, April 15, 2011

Chevy Volt! Burning Hot Car!

Great Job, Government Motors!
Excerpt From Article - "I walked outside and looked in the garage door and it was flaming," Dee Connors said. "I grabbed a pocketbook so I'd have a cellphone and a driver's license and a jacket and a pair of slacks. I had no shoes, my feet were freezing."

Within minutes of the 911 call reporting the fire, nearly 50 firefighters from surrounding communities headed to the scene.

The Connors family said that response and the fact there was a firewall built between the home and the garage saved their home.

After the fire was extinguished, the couple invited Eyewitness News into the home to see how effective the firewall was. Even the coats in a closet near the fire were unscathed -- not even blackened by smoke.

Now investigators with the state fire marshal's office and the couple's insurance company are looking into what exactly in the garage sparked the fire.

Officials said they can't rule out that the couple's brand new Chevy Volt hybrid had something to do with the blaze.

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Where's Osama? Don't Ask Obama!

So Obama, where is Osama? All of those missle strikes in Pakistan and you still haven't found him. Is Osama living with your momma?
Have you checked the Whitehouse visitor's log lately? Maybe Osama came for a visit and you were on vacation. You could have asked him to join your golf tour.

Tea Party Rules, Democrats Are Fools

Obama Lies, Biden Naps

Obama's Lies Are So Boring That Joe 6-Pack Falls Asleep