Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days - Will The Real Obama Stand Up?

Jive talkin' is my speciality. I need to look good! Don't think I want y'all to have the freedom to decide anything. You just don't count for nothin'. See this Video and get a good laugh -

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Comic Book Administration

Since the current administration has taken office, several comic books have appeared to tout Obama and his wife as “Heroes”. This is fitting as comic books are more fantasy than reality and tell the story as an upbeat fun romp throughout the pages. The real story is drastically different. The comic book mentality pervades this administration’s handling of virtually every issue whether it be financial, foreign or domestic. No basis in reality or precedent is considered, and in fact ignored, in making the amateurish, inept, bumbling decisions put forth. There is also an atmosphere of taking credit for solving issues before they are actually solved and taking undue credit for decisions made by others who did so in spite of the waffling and hedging done by Obama and his players. This is not a game Mr. Obama and you need to realize you are playing with our Country’s future at every turn. So many of your so called ‘decisions’ have verified the perception that you are winging it and don’t really care as long as you ‘look good’ to the press and the Americans that have very little perception based on the reality of your actions. You are a glib speaker who thinks more of himself than the average Americans that you purport to serve. My greatest fear is that you will win out by simply deflecting blame and professing ignorance when the crisis’s facing the U.S. come to a head. I cannot believe how many are duped by your words and choose to ignore your actions. It is incomprehensible to conservatives that you are able to maintain such a high approval rating as you have bumbled virtually every issue and outright put a leftist agenda on those that are being “solved.” I hope that your actions will eventually speak louder than your lies and disinformation to the American public very soon.