Monday, December 12, 2005

The Finger Purple - The Left's Least Favorite Color.

Ah Purrrrrrple!
What a glorious color to behold on one's fingertip. I must say that I will be having a particularly good time on the Purple day of freedom. It's already starting. I spotted at least seven photos of Iraqi's with purple fingers since the wounded and military get to vote first. Now we will again see the tide of purple fingers given freely to everyone who doubted and tried to diminish their freedom. The one symbol that even the Left can't ignore. A Most Magnificent Day will dawn Purple for the Iraqi's and the World. The one single day that no amount of moral relavism, cheap sloganeering, wild conjecture, emotional obfuscating, slanted disinformation or even outright lies from the Left will diminish. That's a fact, Jack.

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