Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Attend The Tax Day Tea Party!

This is going to be a historical event of untold impact on the Obama administration's ability to defuse our ability to insist on responsible representation. The huge amount of Pork and government handouts enacted by decree cries out for notice. It is not too late to join the taxpayers in their quest to remind our government who the boss really is when it comes to spending our tax dollars.
Click on the link below to visit the offical Tea Party site and then click on your State to find out where the event will be held.
Attend if you can! If you can't attend, please watch for future Tea Parties and plan to attend them. This is not affiliated with a political party or special interest group. No formal organization is involved and ordinary citizens who vote are behind the events.
Politicians are welcome to participate but will not be allowed a formal venue to speak. Only nonpoliticians are invited as speakers. Your attendance is very much welcome and truly appreciated by you fellow tax paying Americans.
Don't be intimidated by the Obama administration and the DHS 'Right Wing Extremist' warning propaganda. Rather, see it as a direct illegal challenge to your Constitutional right of free assembly and free speech. I am proud of the label and I will wear my RWE t-shirt with relish at the Tea Party today!

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