Friday, April 24, 2009

The Diplomatic Policy of Apology

We are not a product to be marketed. We are a country with interests to defend and protect. We should care about world opinion but defuse the misperceptions through education and action, not apologies for policies that have kept us safe and prevented attacks on our soil. To say that America is in the same league as our enemies when it comes to aggressive military actions, torture and willful disregard of human rights is giving aid and comfort to our enemies. This whole philosophy is a fabrication meant to destroy our credibility in the eyes of the Western World by our enemies. I cannot fathom the depth of stupidity and armchair thinking that got us to this point. I believe we are being led by the nose to the slaughterhouse and made to ask for forgiveness for perceptions that are not true along the way.

I also believe that Obama is too young to really remember the mistakes of the past as his excuse is “I wasn’t borne yet” or “I was just a child” or ‘It’s above my pay grade”. Having Biden as VP ( Mr. Misconception and Gaffer) is not helping him either to remember those mistakes that got us into WW1 and WW2.

Then there is Hillary Clinton, a self-serving person that is all mouth and no action exercising “I need to look good” diplomacy. She is very adept at sending the message of weakness to our enemies.

All of the miss-steps in diplomacy in this first 100 days say the current administration is an inept, bumbling collection of idiots when it comes to diplomacy. Unfortunately as we saw with 9/11, the average American will pay the price while the politicians skate with their hubris laden excuse of “We didn’t realize that was going to happen.”

No clear vision of the future adds up to reactive thinking that does nothing to prevent or even consider the unintended consequences of muddled actions meant to only disguise the inability to really perceive the danger. This is the reality of the current administration’s first hundred days of diplomatic miss-steps.

Just remember the mistakes of the current administration will result in more loss of American lives as your sons and daughters and their sons and daughters pay the ultimate price as defenders of the indefensible. This administration’s gaffes and miss-steps in diplomacy are unpardonable and irreversible at that point and it will be too late to change course. If you care about your Country’s future you will vote out the holders of office every time they come up for election starting in 2010 and again in 2012.

Without the leadership in place to really listen, the average American has no voice and is just crying in the wilderness of vapid government. The process is damaged and needs repair badly. All we have left is the power to resist peacefully and vote those who don’t listen out of office. That power was stripped away in the last election by false messages and a false messiah. To restore that power to the voter, it will take a catastrophe of major proportions. I fear one is building right now.

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