Monday, May 04, 2009

Whittle For President

The following is an excerpt from the Discerning Texan and when I read the blog, I was so impressed with the truth told I felt compelled to post this on Spinnada. Please click on the title to be taken to this fine article and others. I will support Bill Whittle's campaign for any elected office and I urge readers to see the video and understand the depth of this most articulate man. My father's life was also saved by the bombing of Japan on those fateful days. I am here to tell you about it as the result.

When Bill Whittle heard about Jon Stewart calling Harry Truman a "war criminal" for dropping the bomb on Hiroshima (during an argument on waterboarding...), Whittle did his homework and made a video rebuttal that is second to none.This video does to Stewart's lame argument what "Little Boy" did to Hiroshima. Watch the whole thing.It is this kind of video that gets me to daydreaming.....President Whittle? And no, I am not kidding; Whittle would make a tremendously impressive and articulate candidate for our cause.

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