Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Then, You’ll Want To Put This On Your Event Calendar:

8 p.m. Saturday EveningJuly 25th, 2009
Meet & Greet
At the UPSTAIRS PATIO of the Famed Hollywood Watering Hole:
7156 Santa Monica Boulevard(One block west of La Brea)Next to the former Warner-Hollywood Studio Lot
Ari David plans to seek the GOP nomination for CA-30, to challenge the incumbent Henry Waxman for Congress. If Cap & Trade seems more like slap and tax; if global warming sounds like excuses to raise taxes and raze jobs; if missile defense cuts make you nervous over Israel’s and America’s safety; if you’re just sick-&-tired of the old-&-tired ‘representation’ by Waxman -
No charge to join us, No donation required -
Bring your conservative creative compatriots -
Neo-cons, Paleo-cons, Mod-cons & Classic-cons:
This is a Modern Hollywood Conservative event to meet and greet your fellows on the right - as well as the aspiring candidate planning a ‘statewide campaign to defeat Waxman’ in the most ‘Hollywood’ of all districts.
You are The Ones Ari is waiting for.It’s only 67 weeks left to the election, and time’s a wastin’!
See - then come The Formosa to meet the first Modern Hollywood Conservative candidate for Congress.

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