Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Boxer Slams Rice Over Nothing As Usual

Boxer needs to learn to tell the difference between the truth and real facts supporting the truth from innuendo and personal feelings. This partisan hack is a shill for the lies and obsfucation of the truth that the left is so famous for.

Boxer Punches at Rice in Confirmation Hearing

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
WASHINGTON — One of Condoleezza Rice's toughest critics, California Sen. Barbara Boxer (
search), drilled the secretary of state nominee on Tuesday, saying Rice's loyalty to President Bush on Iraq overwhelmed her respect for the truth.
"I personally believe that your loyalty to the mission you were given to sell this policy overwhelmed your respect for the truth," Boxer told the nominee during Rice's confirmation hearing.
Boxer, who two weeks ago held up congressional certification of Bush's election win after objecting to the Electoral College votes from Ohio, said Rice had directly contradicted herself in trying to sell the war to the American people by changing the story on whether Saddam Hussein (
search) had nuclear weapons. Boxer also referred to the visual image and lasting impression Rice left when she warned that the smoking gun in Iraq shouldn't be a mushroom cloud.

Oh, how unfactual, sophoromoric, emotional, trite and stupid. Boxer must think the people who voted for her are idiots that will believe anything just because it came from butthead Barbara's pie hole.
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