Monday, January 24, 2005

Sometimes You Just Need To Shut Your Pie Hole, Babs.

Boxer isn't happy until the WHOLE world knows what a whining, lying, simpering Lefty she is. Read on.

Sen. Barbara Boxer says she is the real victim of last week's confirmation hearing for Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice, yet continued yesterday to question the national security adviser's honesty. "She turned and attacked me," the California Democrat told CNN's "Late Edition" in describing the confrontation during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. "I gave Dr. Rice many opportunities to address specific issues. Instead, she said I was impugning her integrity," Mrs. Boxer said.

Oh, pooooor baby. This broad is out of her skull if she thinks that Condi is just going to sit there and let butthead Barbara or any Democrat insult her integrity without calling them on the issue.
So, butthead Barbara has yet again proven to be another nut job lefty whining when called on maligning a conservatives integrity over innuendo, and outright fabrication of 'facts'. I pity her constituents.

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