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Wear Protective Clothing! Liberals Do Spew.

This really puts into perspective the problem I have with Regressives and wacko Lefties. Joan nails 'em right between their running drivel.

Cows Moo, Liberals Spew
Joan Swirsky
Friday, Jan. 21, 2005
How astonished would you be if you turned on your household faucet and champagne – or, for that matter, Pepto Bismol – flowed out? Or if you went to a farm and a cow came forth with an oink? Pretty dumbfounded, I think.That’s because all over the world, water faucets bring forth water and cows moo – just as maple trees produce maple syrup, religious leaders preach their faith, and pianists play, well, the piano.
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Invariably and predictably, mechanisms like faucets and species like plants or animals (including humans) are what they are and do what they do. Technology may change from day to day, but Mother Nature never lies. All one has to do is observe the behavior of a particular species to know what it’s all about.
The Political Species
For instance, conservatives are interested in preserving time-tested traditions as well as gathering the kind of hard data that leads to a balance of funds and resources between social programs and maintaining our country’s safety and security. So their behavior – what they say and do – is to campaign and vote for these principals. That is why liberals often think of them as “mean.”
In contrast, liberals seem exclusively interested in those they consider the victims of society and in convincing the masses that, in fact, all of them are victims! This includes, among others, people unhappy with their medical care, those who choose to have eight or nine kids without marriage or a job, and those who cross our borders illegally. So their behavior is to campaign and speak their socialist cant on behalf of these “injured parties.”
Their strategy is to appeal to every aggrieved person in America, promise them the world and – if history is any measure – deliver them nothing! This is why conservatives often think of them as “clueless.” And why Winston Churchill said, "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
Liberals think they are much smarter than ordinary people and therefore should control every aspect of their lives, especially their money and, by association, their own money! It’s worth mentioning that the very members of the party fighting Social Security reform fail to tell their constituents that they, as legislators, would lose the privilege of NOT paying into Social Security and still garnering a generous stipend from the government for the rest of their lives – even if they’ve served only one term!
All you need to know about what is so misguided, ignorant and even treasonous about liberals can be found in observing their behavior. Simply, watch them spew! One hundred percent of the time, their repertoire is limited to venom toward anyone who disagrees with them and toward their own country!
They can’t help it. Their worldview is based on pure narcissism – the notion that they are so intellectually superior and morally evolved that anyone who strays from their worldview is more than worthy of their bile. This is the definition of narcissism – a serious mental malady, by the way – that is characterized by obsession with the all-important self, an allergic intolerance to and irrational lashing-out at any dissent, an exaggerated sense of self-importance (coupled, interestingly, with frequent thoughts of suicide) and an insatiable need to be accepted and admired for who they are, as opposed, significantly, to what they stand for.
When people disagree with them – as they did in the past two presidential and congressional elections – they become consumed with rage. And like angry volcanoes, they spew hot lava.
Let’s take a few recent events.
The Spewer-in-Chief
Like other people around the globe, President Bush learned of the devastating tsunami in Asia from the “experts,” who initially said the death toll was 5,000. Being a thoughtful and prudent man who demands empirical evidence before acting, the president immediately allocated a generous $15 million for relief. This while France and other “philanthropic” countries were helping the victims with mere thousands!
But as the days passed and the death and devastation toll grew, the president more than doubled U.S. aid to $35 million, and, as more data flowed in, he announced that our government would contribute a whopping $350 million – with more to come, he said, possibly up to a billion dollars or higher.
And how did the still-depressed and enraged liberal Democrats respond? By spewing their typically bogus and always-negative “talking points” about the president’s "late" response, about the comparative cost of his inauguration (which is paid for by private donations) and about the need for more body armor for our troops (which they know is a matter of production efficiency – or, in this case, inefficiency).
A majority of the American public knows all this, which is why they gave President Bush a decisive victory over his famously waffling opponent, John Kerry – who no doubt agrees with his fellow leftists that Bush himself caused the tsunami!
Proving that he is still America’s Spewer-in-Chief, Kerry, on a recent trip to Baghdad, could not resist the opportunity to demoralize our troops – a tactic he perfected when he slandered his fellow veterans after the Vietnam War. He told the men and women who are fighting – and dying – for our country that their efforts were a result of a president who made "horrendous judgments" and "unbelievable blunders."
Then he visited President Bashir Assad of Syria, the dictator who protects terrorists and has done nothing to stop them from crossing into Iraq to kill American soldiers. Regarding this butcher’s regime, Kerry proclaimed that the U.S. and Syria have “areas of mutual interest.” Really?
Kerry also traveled to Ramallah, evoking his pet fantasy that the spectacularly ineffectual “international community” would help make peace with Israel. That means France and the rest of the European Union that has, historically, vilified Israel while glorifying the architect of Middle Eastern terrorism, Yasser Arafat.
Then onto infamously anti-American Cairo, where Kerry once again bad-mouthed American foreign policy before visiting France to meet with his ideological soul mate, President Jacques Chirac, chief obstructionist to America’s fight against terror.
Like the seemingly elegant vessel that contains not spring water but sludge, Kerry reinforces the point that what comes out of a species is what’s inside that species. Like other liberals – who minimize good things to the size of a pea and elevate bad things to the size of a mountain – he simply can’t help himself. All that is within him – and his like-minded species – is sludge, often mixed with contaminants, toxins, pollutants, venom and raw verbal sewage.
More SPEW (Sorry Politicos Emitting Waste)
Take the president’s announcement that Condoleezza Rice was his choice for secretary of state. Predictably, liberals could not summon up one positive thing to say about this amazingly accomplished woman but instead resorted to rank racism and insults. And now, during Dr. Rice’s confirmation hearings, they have once again – led by a bitter, camera-hogging and sludge-oozing Sen. Barbara Boxer – resorted to name-calling and false accusations.
Again, they couldn’t help themselves. Vessels (as they are) may be fluted or engraved, ancient or modern, pretty or ugly – but if they contain sludge, sludge is what comes out!
Just as it has relentlessly leached out during the confirmation hearings of Judge Alberto Gonzales, the president’s choice for attorney general. Here, most if not all liberal senators (and their echo chamber in the media and the ACLU) have trumped up charges that Gonzales “supported” the torture of prisoners (“enemy” combatants) because he refused to extend the Geneva Conventions to captured terrorists.
Liberals, in other words, would like to make treaties or “negotiate” with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups in spite of the fact that they fill none of the criteria of the Geneva Conventions, i.e., having a commander responsible for subordinates, wearing formal and recognizable military insignia, carrying weapons openly, and adhering to the time-worn laws and customs of warfare.
Forget about their utter lack of identifiable leaders; their hiding and storing weapons in hospitals and mosques; their civilian clothes and facemasks; their sneak attacks, car bombs and improvised weapons; their savage beheadings and torture – and their wanton murder of Americans. Let’s talk to them, liberals insist! Let’s afford them the benefits of the Geneva Conventions!
Which only proves that the liberals’ objections to Gonzales lie more with their own obstructionist agenda and perverse vision of the real world we live in than in choosing the best man for the job.
More SPEW (Sorry Pundits Emitting Waste)
The far-left spewers among us include splenetic – and, if ratings are any measure, largely discredited – TV pundits like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, any number of CNN’s “journalists,” NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, inveterate Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos of ABC, CBS’s King of Spew, Dan Rather, and of course the New York Times. Those worshippers of treasonous anti-Americans like Susan Sontag (whose recently published obit was the definition of hagiography) who still think that we’re in a campaign season and that the “dumb” Republicans can be out-talked and outwitted by the sheer brilliance of their socialist insights.
And they still can’t figure out why their collective and formidable efforts to defeat the president ended in a decisive Electoral College victory for him, as well as the largest popular vote in American history.
Clearly, it’s because Americans recognized those Emperors with No Clothes and their pretense of being cloaked in journalistic integrity when, in fact, they have none. While most people in our modern age have learned how to recognize “spin,” it must be a stunning shock to today’s dying mainstream media that in the past election, our citizens also recognized – and roundly repudiated – their spew!
Of course, the left’s spewers – being the species they are – are unlikely to change. Indeed, far-left liberals like Senators Hillary Clinton, John Corzine, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Robert (Ku Klux Klan) Byrd (among many others) apparently never heard the expression “Get over it!”
They can’t. Lacking utterly in original, forward-looking ideas and with nothing more to offer than criticism wrapped in bile-soaked half-truths or downright lies, all their talk of “coming together” and “doing what’s right for the country” rings hollow, even pathetic.
They are simply too full of sludge and narcissism to think of themselves second and their country first.
Joan Swirsky is a New-York-based journalist and author who can be reached at

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