Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Arianna Is A Partisan Airhead.

Arianna is definitely out to lunch on this issue. She conviently ignores the worldwide astonishment of the naysayers and the Hate America crowd. Nothing they predicted would happen during the Iraq voting actually occurred. But little miss stupid toes can't deal with that. She would rather whine about the inconsequential and minimize the most significant political event of the 21st century because of partisan obstinance. Read on. To see the entire article click on the title.

Post-Election Buzzkill: Why Iraq Is Still A Debacle
February 02, 2005
Quick, before the conventional wisdom hardens, it needs to be said: The Iraqi elections were not the second coming of the Constitutional Convention.The media have made it sound like last Sunday was a combination of 1776, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prague Spring, the Ukraine's Orange Revolution, Filipino "People Power," Tiananmen Square and Super Bowl Sunday, all rolled into one.

But it was all of that and more. Notice how the terrorist would disagree with you, idiot. And you're in denial over it. So do us all a big favor and just shut the hell up and swallow it. I suggest therapy. Maybe Dean's therapist might help.


'yeti said...

OK Bob, you asked here: to point it out if your blog has "actual spin." "Airhead," "Hate America crowd," "little miss stupid toes," "idiot," and "shut the hell up and swallow it" do not sound particularly unbiased to me, nor does the latter sound very libertarian of you. As for the facts, while the election did create a constitutional committee, that body has not yet accomplished anything, nor even met, nor has the mere formation of that body resulted in any effects, besides possibily an increased sense of urgency for the insurgents, on the the Iraqi people. Seems, therefore, that Arianna is accurate in her statement.

Time for your "reinvestigation," is it?

bahiabob said...

Bias is an opinion, idiot. This is my blog and I am entitled to have an opinion. That's what a political blog is all about. Also, as it says in my Bio, I write this blog for ME not you. If you want to read it, do so at your own risk of being exposed to my opinions. On another note, Arianna Huffington is a political gadfly who constantly ignores the big picture for the bones she can pick to write books that gain notoriety. This is a well known fact by Californians that have followed her checkered career as a political opportunist and talking head pundit riding on the coattails of her former husband. The items she brings up are trite and not germane to the event. To say that we don’t know what has been achieved is stupid. Of course time has to pass to see how successful we really are in giving Iraqi’s freedom, true democratic based self governance and rule of law. Mine, along with 52 million American voters and the current administration's bets are on the 10,000,000 Iraqi's who just voted en mass to be free. We have every reason to remain optimistic and no reason to foretell doom and gloom. That would be aiding and abetting the terrorists. President Bush was correct in assessing the desire of Iraqi’s to be free. The president was also correct in believing that Iraqi’s would defy the Terrorists and vote for whatever reason. We have made significant progress in Iraq even at great cost and to deny that is stupid. So therefore Arianna is stupid and grandstanding as usual. She sees a ‘vast rightwing conspiracy’ around every corner and is akin to a tinfoil hat kind of person. That’s my OPINION and I could be wrong. In a pig’s eye!