Friday, February 04, 2005

I Found An Unbiased Assessment Of The Social Security Reform Plan

The clip that follows is an excerpt of some of the great levelheaded assessment done by CATO. To visit the CATO Social Security Reform site click on the title of this post.

Crisis for the “There Is No Crisis” Crowd
The anti-reform coalition has made a mantra out of the phrase “there is no crisis” when it comes to Social Security. They have even constructed a blog dedicated exclusively to convincing the world there is no Social Security crisis called “
There Is No Crisis.
But it appears the anti-ownership crowd has miscalculated in making this their principal talking point. According to a
Cato Institute survey conducted by Zogby International, only 6.7% of all Americans agree with this sentiment. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans (52.2%) believe Social Security “is facing serious problems" and requires "major changes." Moreover, a plurality of older Americans (37.8%) feel Social Security is facing serious problems and requires major changes. You can read the entire poll by clicking here.
In addition to being untrue, the “there is no crisis” argument against Social Security choice is simply -- literally -- unbelievable.
Cato/Zogby Poll: Majority Backs Individual Accounts for Social Security
A majority of Americans agree that younger workers should be allowed to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in individual accounts, according to a new poll conducted by Zogby International for the
Cato Institute. [Read More]

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