Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Purple Finger Salute To Iraqi Freedom

If someone disses the Iraq election, remind them that millions of Iraqi's are giving that attitude the purple finger salute. I am dyeing my right index finger purple to the first knuckle in solidarity with the free Iraqi's that gave terrorism and the Islamofascists the purple finger salute on Januay 30th. How about you?

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Pundit said...

Years ago the old "Laugh In" show with Rowan and Martin (I'm dating myself here) had a satirical portion of the show called "The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate." That sounds like a good term to use on this. While not a total subscriber to this war, now that the wheels have been set in motion over there I hope it works. The big problem I have with some of the Democrats, like that bloated sot from Mass. is that now that the show is on the road, he wants to shoot out the tires simply because Republicans stole a Democratic idea that dates back to Woodrow Wilson. The partisan nonsense that comes from the left side of the aisle in Washington never ceases to amaze me.