Monday, January 10, 2005

The Irony and The Ecstasy

The Abu Ghraib trials are under way. No, not the Saddam ones. The U.S. Military ones. Ah, the irony! One of the most brutally vicious killers of his own people gets less press on the horrible crimes he committed against his people at Abu Ghraib (like putting them feet first into a plastic shredder) than the U.S. military prision guards that made cheerleader style pyramids of Iraqi insurgent prisioners and forced them to wear panties on their heads. Of course the "crimes" committed by the U.S. Prision Guards at Abu Ghraib are more talked about in the Liberal Media than anything concerning Iraqi terrorism and Saddam's crimes against humanity. But the firing of the 4 CBS losers today is an estatic event in my mind and I hope it gets the proper half life to live on for weeks in the media. Rather is AWOL today from his CBS anchor job. This is also cause for a good laugh as ol' Danno is on his way out. I predict Danno will retire later this year from all CBS programming. Ain't life wonderful sometimes?


Jeremy said...

You don't go to war with media you want. You go to war with the media you have.

bahiabob said...

You're right in some cases, but in this case it's who do you believe. I don't believe anything that comes from the liberal biased media without independent verification. CBS has resoundingly proven their bias beyond a shadowe of doubt. I constantly check on my sources and I take nothing at face value. The truth is out there for those who are willing to look for it.