Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Not A Happy Camper

Rather biased Danno is not the happy go lucky fellow he once was. Getting caught by lowly bloggers in an obviously liberal biased attempt to defraud the public is not exactly a TV News journalist's finest hour. Now that the fab four have left the building, Danno is out on a limb with the saw on the wrong side. Can you say Jason Blair, Danno? Don't worry, be happy, Danno. I am sure there is a job waiting for you at the NY Times. At the Gray Lady, truth, justice and credibility come second to supporting Liberal causes and harming Conservatives. You'll fit in nicely.
So it goes.


Steph said...

You're obviously not a libertarian. "Libertarians" like you are the reason the general public sees us as super-militant conservatives (when they don't think we're anarchists), when we're neither. Not only are you not a libertarian, you're a militant conservative Republican who has bought blindly into the conservative spin running rampant in America. So before you go whining about "the liberal media" any longer, you should consider stopping the spin on your part of the media. (for the internet *is* a medium of communication, just as TV and newspapers are, which brings a question to mind - are *you* part of the liberal media?)

bahiabob said...

Thanks for the label. I am sorry. I forgot that there are people like you Steph, that just don't get it. I post for ME not you. You don't have a clue as to who I am and your labeling of me says something about you. I hope you can read into what I am saying here. If not, I charge for lessons in life. So if you need more, bring your credit card.