Friday, January 14, 2005

NRO's Victor David Hanson Gets It Big Time.

This is an excerpt of Victor David Hanson's remarkable "Triangulating the War - Yesterday's genius, today's fool, tomorrow's what?" article appearing today in NRO Online:

Reading the pages of foreign-policy journals, between the long tracts on Bush's "failures" and neoconservative "arrogance," one encounters mostly predictions of defeat and calls for phased withdrawal — always with resounding criticism of the American "botched" occupation.

Platitudes follow: "We can't just leave now," followed by no real advice on how a fascist society can be jumpstarted into a modern liberal republic. After all, there is no government handbook entitled, "Operation 1A: How to remove a Middle East fascist regime in three weeks, reconstruct the countryside, and hold the first elections in the nation's history — all within two years." Almost all who supported the war now are bailing on the pretext that their version of the reconstruction was not followed: While a three-week war was their idea, a 20-month messy reconstruction was surely someone else's. Yesterday genius is today's fool — and who knows next month if the elections work? Witness Afghanistan where all those who recently said the victory was "lost" to warlords are now suddenly quiet.

Mr. Hanson's article is spot on. He reviews the situation and the mentality that got us into this fix. He also makes the reader aware of the disturbing lack of honor and truthfulness among the many foreign and domestic critics of the American led War On Terrorists in Iraq.

Want to see the entire article? Click on this link:

It's definitely a no spin, informative read.

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