Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Support Our Troops" What's That Mean?

Do you own a Support Our Troops car bumper magnet? Is it on your car where everyone can see it? Or did you go Pollo and decide not to display the magnet?
If you didn't go Pollo and it is on your car then.............
What does it mean to you? Why did you put it on your car in the first place? Do you really SUPPORT our troops as advertised? Do you contribute to the USO? Do you contribute to Project Uplink? Do you send in your old cell phones to be recycled into funds that buy care packages for our troops overseas? Do you write letters of support and gratitude to our troops? Do you read the stories about our troops heroic actions and tell your friends about them? Just what do you do to really SUPPORT our troops?
Oh, and if your bumper magnet says Bring Our Troops Home then........
You don't really SUPPORT our troops you just want to tell them what to do as any Liberal would. They're big boys and girls now and I trust they will know when it is time to go home.

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