Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Saddam Must Have Been A Great Guy

This leadin quote to a MyWay story on the net is very humorous and telling concerning the Abu Ghraib trials and the political dog and pony show they represent. Read on.

"I couldn't believe in the beginning that this could happen, but I wished I could kill myself because no one was there to stop it," Hussein Mutar, who was sent to Abu Ghraib accused of car theft, said in videotaped testimony.
"They were torturing us as though it was theater for them," he said, as the prosecution wound up its case against Graner on assault, dereliction of duty and other charges that could bring him up to 17 1/2 years in prison.
An obviously ill-at ease Mutar added: "I was extremely emotional because (even) Saddam didn't do this to us."

Ah.... So you're saying that because Saddam merely tormented, physically brutalized, maimed, killed tens of thousands of political prisoners and their whole families, and placed those who disagreed into plastic shredders, he was a great guy because he didn't force you to masturbate?????

Can you say idiotically revisionist? Give me a break! A common criminal (by his own admission) is given this kind of credibility? Of course this is fodder for a whole segment of the world that equates the minor harassment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib by U.S. Reservists with "torture". I think the left needs to experience real torture at the hands of the Islamofascists to tell the difference. I am sure there are Al Qaeda Terrorists and Saddam regime holdouts that are eager to teach them the difference without appointment.

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